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CADmech DESIGN, providING leadership and support throughout the product development cycle

Since our creation in 1994, CADmech Design Inc. has earned a reputation as an invaluable partner in providing mechanical design and engineering services thanks to a total commitment to customer satisfaction. We create comprehensive and versatile design solutions for a wide range of manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, medical, robotics, industrial automation, consumer, military and transportation industry sectors.

Overtime we have carefully built a team of highly skilled engineers and designers fluent in the latest design, simulation and prototyping tools to assist our customers in tackling the toughest challenges. We have an excellent history of hiring the best people in the industry who share a common passion for mechanical engineering and provide an environment to cultivate that passion, ensuring that we keep abreast of the latest improvements in both manufacturing and engineering technology. We provide an open, stimulating work space and have a collaborative culture where both successes and challenges are shared.

Our Capabilities

As a design company, we are capable of taking a project from the conceptual design phase through to production or supporting our clients at any stage of the product development cycle. With our wide range of services and flexible structure, we offer solutions tailored to each client’s unique requirements. Every project, regardless of its size or scope, benefits from our expertise, diverse experience and meticulous attention to customer satisfaction.

Our Team

Our team of 25+ mechanical engineers and designers support our clients in a variety of ways: co-locating to our customers’ site, working from our Toronto area office or working through a secure VPN connection. Regardless of what works best for our clients and the project, we’ll be sure to provide the flexibility and expertise to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Over the years we have supported world renowned companies in many exciting projects. In the 90’s we assisted Spar Aerospace with the SPDM (Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator) project for the International Space Station program. A few years later, while working within medical robotics, we helped develop a neurosurgical robot capable of performing brain surgery while working within an MRI. Shortly after we took our robotics experience and applied it to the nuclear industry. In 2006, we first delved into the electric car industry and supported an early pioneer in the development of clean running vehicles. Working with ZENN, we created an industry first with the ground up design of an air conditioning system for a low speed electric vehicle.  In the past few years we have helped our customers develop mass spectrometers for medical diagnostics and drug discovery, aircraft mounted vision systems and automated biopsy systems for cancer screening.

Our Experience

Our project experience has continued to broaden each year resulting in countless successes and a growing list of products and industries. From large mass transit vehicles to small carbon fiber bicycles, we are a versatile design company to the say the least. Increasingly the products we work on touch our daily lives; whether riding a bike, visiting the doctor, diving from a cottage dock or even feeling secure in our country, when we talk about working to enhance the lives we live, we can say it with truth and pride.

We are passionate about our work and live our mandate of: “our customers’ success, there is no compromise”.

Mission Statement

To create value by providing technically advanced, innovative and customer focused solutions culminating in long term client relationships.

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