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2017 Ride for Heart Corporate Challenge for Charity

2017 was the 5th year in a row of CADmech Design’s involvement in the Ride for Heart Corporate Challenge.

Similarly to the past 5 years, our team pushed hard and tested their endurance, perseverance and stamina biking for 25, 50, or 75km through harsh weather for a good cause. Our team page on Becel’s ride for Heart page is found here.

This year the top fundraiser was once again Joshua Berman, with a record of $700 personal total! With a $310 aid from our ‘shorts and skirts day’, the total amount of money raised this year was $2,925, just merely short of last year’s total and our goal, motivating the team to top ourselves in 2018 for our 6th annual company ride.

Once again, as in previous years, the weather was harsh and testing. Although the conditions were concerning, it was nothing our riders had not gone through before. We all braved the cold and wet to ride for this truly noble cause and everyone got through it successfully and with smiles on their faces. Best of all, as soon as the ride finished the team was rewarded with a warm and comforting sunshine.

CADmech’s 5-year anniversary at Ride for Heart was a success and will definitely be returning for our 6th year on June 3rd, 2018. We all look forward to donating and participating for yet another year; rain or shine, we will ride!


“We don’t believe our genes should be our destiny, and that’s why our team is fundraising for the 2016 Ride for Heart on June 5th. Your donation will push forward life-saving research like this and more and fund incredible breakthroughs to create more survivors of heart disease and stroke!

It was always apparent that family history played a role in our risk factors for heart disease and stroke. But despite significant advances, we only know 20-30% of the genes involved.

With the right funding, doctors predict they could unlock the genetic puzzle behind cardiovascular disease within as little as 5 years.”


- Boris Bosnjakovic


This year marks the 4th anniversary for CADmech’s Ride for Heart team, and we have proven, once again that our diverse team of engineers can come together with great energy and spirit in the name of fundraising for an excellent cause.  From our team page on Becel’s Ride for Heart page (found here):

“We don’t believe our genes should be our destiny, and that’s why our team is fundraising for the 2016 Ride for Heart on June 5th. Your donation will push forward life-saving research like this and more and fund incredible breakthroughs to create more survivors of heart disease and stroke!

It was always apparent that family history played a role in our risk factors for heart disease and stroke. But despite significant advances, we only know 20-30% of the genes involved.

With the right funding, doctors predict they could unlock the genetic puzzle behind cardiovascular disease within as little as 5 years.”

This year our team participated in the event with 16 riders, and raised a total of $3010; our highest team total since our inaugural year in 2013.  Our top fundraiser was Joshua Berman who raised a personal total of $485, another 3-year record since Bozena Kunowski and Jason MacFarlane raised $1225 and $780, respectively in 2013. Joshua (with support from upper management) also created a –new to CADmech– fundraising event; “Skirts and shorts day” during which employees donated $20 each to wear shorts or skirts along with an item of red clothing.  The single event raised $550 towards our team total, and helped establish a new team record for CADmech in “team gifts”!

The weather reports leading up to the event day of Sunday June 6th, created concerns for many of our returning riders; predictions of a wet (although warm) ride for us, reminded us of previous years riding through wet and cold conditions.  It turned out however, that Sunday’s rain ended by 6:00AM and held off until after the event at approximately 1:30PM without any precipitation during our ride; it was truly an ideal day for cycling and enjoying the open road.

CADmech will undoubtedly return in 2017 for our 5-year anniversary, and everyone who actively rides a bicycle in our office looks forward to the opportunity to raise money for a great cause and enjoy an amazing ride on Toronto’s expressways.


Krishan Harry

2016 Ride for Heart Team Captain

I would like to welcome on board Predrag Djurovic, our new Director of Business Development & Sales.

Predrag is responsible for the development of the company’s business vision. His mission is to expand CADmech Services by conducting world-wide sales activities and partnerships with universities and industry.

Predrag has over twenty years of experience in managing and developing business in high-tech industries.

He is accomplished Team Leader and Business Developer renowned for establishing growth, increasing market presence and creating long-term client retention.  He has consulting expertise and in-depth knowledge of engineering software applications within complex and diverse industries including: Aerospace, Automotive, Power Generation, Biomedical and Defence.  His passion is development and implementation of Simulation Driven Product Development, IoT and Cloud Solutions in engineering environments.

Predrag holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business and Masters of Business Law from Osgood Hall Law School, York University, as well as Professional Engineer status in the province of Ontario.

We all are excited to working with him and supporting his efforts in expanding CADmech services.

- Bozena Kunowski


20th Anniversary: CADmech Design Inc.

November 20, 2015
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Happy Anniversary CADmech Team

Blue Jays Game: 2015

This past summer was a great time for baseball in the city of Toronto with the Jays doing the best they have done since CADmech started as a business over 20 years ago. Our team celebrated this anniversary with a trip to a baseball game and we were not disappointed. It was a beautiful evening, the dome was open and “CADmech Team” was lit up on the big screen! To top it off the Jays crushed!


CADmech Team: Big Screen

Great fun and terrific time for our team!

Marketable Molluscs – Updated

November 20, 2015
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Oysters. Nearly two billion pounds of them are eaten every year, but consider this: when was the last time you or someone you know served Oysters at home? If you’re like me, the answer is rarely if ever. A client specializing in kitchenware recently reached out to CADmech’s Industrial Design team in search of pearls of wisdom to help bring these marine mollusk morsels into the mainstream market. Shucks, we were delighted to help.

Oysters are uniquely flavorful, compellingly sophisticated and are surrounded by a legendary mythology. Perhaps for these reasons public interest in Oysters has grown steadily in recent years. Importantly, and in contrast to some other aquaculture, Oysters can be farmed sustainably; as filter feeders they are very sensitive to their environment and as a result coastal areas where they are farmed are highly incentivized to prevent marine pollution.

The preparation and serving of oysters is an integral part of the experience, however opening an Oyster shell (known as “shucking”) can be difficult and even off-putting for the un-initiated. CADmech’s design brief was to create a suite of accessories to foster a sense of occasion, familiarity and ease of use around the experience.

The stacking dynamics of the plates was also an important consideration. A focus was placed on minimizing storage space and ensuring that no binding of stacked plates could occur. The image below illustrates some concepts our team developed during the brainstorming process along with the finalized design.

Oyster Plate


Oyster Tray

New Trends in wearable electronics

September 20, 2013
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Several years ago one of our designers (Razvan Mitulescu) explored concepts for a next generation watch and in doing so created the Coanda Watch concept. Based on current trends in consumer electronics, it seems like the industry is finally warming to wearable tech.

We developed this concept with the sport of triathlon in mind and amidst the emerging trend of touch screen technology in smaller devices and adaptive accessories for devices like the ipod nano such as the “TikTok + LunaTik”, first seen on Kickstarter. We quickly identified the fact that when riding, and even when running, it is extremely difficult to read vital performance feedback on a traditional wrist watch. From this came the concept for our touch screen watch with a two planed face. The concept includes a customization of how and what information is being displayed. We envision different modes depending on your activity. One mode might include clock, weather, news alerts while another has heart rate, pace, and music. The dual (or wrap around) faces gives the user even further flexibility.

As with many of our ideas, specialized companies with much larger resources have been making greater in-roads on the development of wearable electronics. This can be seen with Sony’s SmartWatch and Nissan’s Nismo and most recently with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Samsung’s new watch looks great though it is yet to have the wrap around screen from our concept. Possibly Garmin will take on that challenge. We’ll keep you posted on what comes next.

See the introduction on Samsung’s Galaxy Gear as shared by Gizmag.

Today Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which brings notifications, tight Galax...


AB Sciex Ranked #1

September 12, 2013
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We would like to congratulated the team at AB Sciex for their recent award of: Global Market Share Leadership for Mass Spectrometry. The Frost and Sullivan award is a true testiment to the dedication and focus required in continuing to raise the bar in technology and product development in the scienfic instrument industy. The award was presented to AB Sciex at the gala event in San Jose, CA on September 10, 2013.

Please see the full story here: Ranked #1
Jason MacFarlane

CADmech’s Electrical Connection

July 23, 2013
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We’ve already proven we can help you solve your toughest mechanical design challenges, now CADmech is branching out. With recent additions to our design team our skillset has been bolstered to include electrical design services. Consider the convenience of having your project’s mechanical and electrical systems supported by one company. Our electrical group is currently developing systems for next generation mass-transit vehicles with a large multi-national client. Using market leading software such as VeSys and Zuken E3, CADmech is providing electrical schematics, harness design and routing support for our client’s mission critical systems.
We are really excited at this new direction and look forward to helping with your electrical design needs. Give us a call!


Posted by Brian Mac Giolla Ri

CADmech at the 2013 Ride For Heart!

June 6, 2013
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This year CADmech debuted at the annual Toronto “Ride For Heart” bicycle ride. A contingent of 18 CADmech riders whizzed around the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway course, raising over $5,500 in donations. This is well above average, way to go CADmech!!

The ride supports life-giving research, social change programs, and health information initiatives; the ultimate goal is to eradicate heart disease and stroke, which take 1 in 3 Canadians before their time.

This ride took place on a chilly, rainy morning but our brave CADmech team members rode between 25 and 75 km demonstrating their camaraderie, passion for riding and support for an excellent cause. All of our team members had great time and we look forward to continuing our support for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. For more information on the Ride For Heart program, and to support the CADmech team in its ongoing fundraising efforts, please click here.


Posted by Brian Mac Giolla Ri

On May 10th 2013 CADmech attended alpha testing of the 2014 release of Solidworks Simulation at Javelin Technologies. We are committed to staying on top of the latest technology and are delighted to have helped shape the future of SolidWorks Simulation. Information on how to get involved with Beta testing for future Solidworks releases can be found here.

CADmech uses FEA (Finite Element Analysis) in a variety of ways throughout the product development process. Early application of FEA on critical components allows us to avoid errors that could otherwise require cascading design changes later on. Design validation – i.e. the analysis of a completed design – saves time, reduces cost and increases quality before prototyping or production begins. Finally, in the event of a component failure FEA can corroborate a specific failure mode and loading limit, thereby spurring the development of an optimized design.

CADmech is “CAD neutral” and we have multiple FEA packages at our disposal along with the expertise to apply them in solving a wide range of engineering challenges.

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